Waka Flocka Believes Bill Cosby Is Being Framed

The case of Bill Cosby has generated a slew of commentary from celebrities and fans alike, as the masses continue to share their opinions on the matter. Now facing up to ten years in jail, Cosby faces felony charges for aggravated indecent assault. And one person in particular thinks the the whole thing is a sham: Waka Flocka. Taking to Twitter with his thoughts, the rapper called the Cosby controversy “an organized lie.”

Taking the stance that the powers that be are out to get another “famous minority,” Waka wrote that he believes Cosby is being framed:

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Waka Flocka’s sentiments mirror that of comedian Eddie Griffin. In a recent interview with Vlad TV, Griffin called Cosby a “class act,” and cited the sexual assault claims against him as a ploy to tear another black entertainer down. Crediting Cosby for inspiring young people of color to attend college, Griffin marked the charges as a an attempt to overturn the impact the once-beloved actor has had.

“There is a systematic effort to destroy every black male entertainer’s image.”the 47-year-old said. “They want us all to have an asterisks by our name. Kobe, raped a white woman in Colorado. Dr. Cosby, raped 37 b***hes and counting. Nobody leaves this business clean.”

Waka and Griffin’s stance differs from that of actress Lark Voorhies, who took to Instagram to denounce conspiracy theories against Cosby’s accusers. Urging fans to separate Cosby from his legendary Dr. Huxtable character, Voorhies called the actor said that “anyone defending this man is defending the devil himself.”

“This monster admitted in a sworn deposition to drugging multiple woman with quaaludes and alcohol with the intentions of raping these innocent woman,” she wrote. “People are blaming NBC, race, & politics. We need to start blaming Bill Cosby himself for his reprehensible and disgusting actions.”

Cosby’s next court hearing is scheduled for Jan. 14.