Watch Pusha T’s Visual Autobiography


VICE’s new Autobiographies series launched earlier this week with a focus on actors, artists, athletes and designers honing in on pivotal moments in their lives that pushed them to become knee deep in their respective crafts. One of the first subjects profiled was Pusha T.

The G.O.O.D. Music President not only revealed how closely tied he is to his brother Gene (Malice / No Malice) but how he mimicked his inspirations at first and how he came into rapping solely because of the passions of his brother and Pharrell Williams.

Pusha T details the moment he wrote his first verse in high school and how Skateboard P, Gene and Chad Hugo loved it. The Autobiographies segment transitions into the success of “Grindin”, how it affected not only mainstream America but the drug dealers who knew the music of The Clipse and wanted to have them for cheap $2,000 concerts. Pusha’s voice throughout is calm, a realized effect where he can vividly recall when Clipse became beloved critical darlings with Hell Hath No Fury and the sobering experience of his brother revealing to him that he was giving music up.

You can check the full episode with President Push below.