Wiz Khalifa Blurts Out “F**k Kanye” During Performance In Argentina


It looks like the strain between Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa is still potent, even in an entirely different country. The rappers initially engaged in a social media spat over the term “waves” and later Ye’s oversight of what the initials KK actually stood for. The Chi-town native was under the impression that Wiz was referring to his wife Kim Kardashian, sending the “All Day” rapper on a lengthy digital squabble, when it’s actually a type of weed deemed Khalifa Kush.

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Kanye had the last word for a little while, opening the flood gates of his thoughts to flow freely on Twitter. He later deleted the majority of those 140 characters, and said he rather spread “positive energy blessings” over the situation, and he “didn’t mean to either him like that.” But Wiz made a different type of statement that shows he’s completely done with the occurrence.

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During a performance in Argentina on Wednesday (Jan. 28), the “Black and Yellow” rapper blurted out “f**k Kanye” in the middle of a live rendition of “Taylor Gang.” Now, there’s no telling if either party will take it back to a part of hip-hop’s roots of diss tracks, but given that Wiz and Kanye both have their separate projects debuting in February, their attention is probably centered around their musical offerings and not a public dispute.

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