Wiz Khalifa Is Not Here For Kanye West’s New Album Title


Kanye West has changed his album title yet again. The album formerly known as SWISH and So Help Me God will now be called WAVES, according to a tweet sent out by the outspoken rapper/producer.

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Not everyone was going crazy about the new-for-now title, especially Wiz Khalifa, who sent out a few tweets of his own last night (Jan. 26) to subtly shade Mr. West and give props to Max B, whom he says is the waviest of them all.

“He’s the reason I sing on all my songs. That’s the wave. If theres nothing wit that sound ITS NOT WAVY.”

Max B rose to fame for creating the “wavy” sound in the early 2000s, and was a member of Jim Jones’ ByrdGang collective and The Diplomats. The Harlem rapper is currently serving a 75- year jail sentence for felony murder, conspiracy, robbery and kidnapping, Radio.com reports. He will be eligible for parole in 2042.

Kanye tried to butter up the “Hella-Os” freestyler by shouting out to Max B, but Wiz was still not having any of it.

We’re sure there is still more to come in the saga of WAVES’ impending release. Kanye has been pushing the production and preparation of “the album of the life” for a few days, and posted a revised track list after his album title announcement last night.

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