“100 Years Of Beauty” In The Dominican Republic Is More Than Skin Deep


The Dominican Republic and all its historical richness is the inspiration behind Kayla “LaLa” Rodriguez’s latest “100 Years of Beauty” installment.

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Decades span an array of themes, including vintage Hollywood, pin-up girl and a “campesina style,” inspired by activist Mama Tingo. We also get to see why Dominican women poured beer in their hair back in the 1980s. Even notorious dictator Rafael Trujillo’s daughter, Angelita, inspired a 1930s look.

“We wanted to highlight how sometimes politics can influence a lot in pop culture and the media in general,”  says Rodriguez in the video clip below. “And the women who fought alongside their men during the American occupation of 1965,” she later notes on the style inspired by the island’s civil unrest during the ’60s.

Travel back in time with “100 Years of Beauty: The Dominican Republic” and get a behind-the-scenes look at what helped shape hair and fashion in Quisqueya.

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