According To Noah “40” Shebib, ‘Views From The 6′ Is A Tale Of Two Cities

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With Views from the 6 slated for an April release, many fans want to know what Drake’s forthcoming album will sound like. Will it feature more vengeful singles like his latest release, “Summer Sixteen,” or revisit Drizzy’s softer side, similar to Take Care? Unfortunately Drake hasn’t leaked too much information concerning his highly anticipated album, but luckily his in-house producer, Noah “40” Shebib offered some news on the album’s creative process on B-Real’s “Smokebox.”

Apparently, the album’s production is all about balance. 40 says Drake is in the process of finding how to incorporate his love for his hometown and his new residence. “The time will come when Drake’s ready to pull the trigger. For us, it’s just a balance of finding that space to make such a project that’s based around our city. And then also coming out here to the West Coast to escape some of the harsh winter and find a good creative space. It has to be a balance of both those locations for what it’s supposed to be.”

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The producer also speaks about his own production process, which will shape a lot of this album’s sound. “I’m not listening to what’s hitting the radio, what people are dropping. I’m trying to almost stay away from that stuff to focus on something different.” 40 also cites DJ Premier as an influence.

While the conclusion of his interview with “Smokebox” leaves a lot to the imagination with no official release date in sight, we can only hope that Views will drop some time this summer sixteen. Watch the full interview with 40 on “Smokebox” below.