Action Bronson Devours The Most Delectable Duck In New York City


Action Bronson continues to hone in on his everlasting love for exotic cuisines by sampling the best-tasting duck in all of New York City. In the latest episode of VICE’s Munchies, Bronsilino seeks out world-famous chef Daniel Boulud to try the French delicacy canard à la presse aka pressed duck.

“I’ve never had anything that tasted like this in my life,” said the rapping, food connoisseur. “With these dishes that I just ate, I’m gonna write five albums.”

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The Blue Chips MC extended his helping hand and participated in creating the delectable dish. Boulud prepared the duck by marinating it with a mixture of fine wines. Bronson kept the vino flowing as he popped a bottle of 1983 Guigal Cote Rotie to wash it all down. Judging by his delightful screw face, we all know all Bronson can say is “Fuck, That’s Delicious!”

The Queens rapper was so touched by the meal, he says he felt inspired to go home and make five albums. While we patiently wait for new music from Bam Bam, watch as Bronson embark on his latest endeavor as hip-hop’s most revered food critic below.