Adele Clarifies What Happened During Her Performance At The 2016 Grammy Awards


There’s no denying Adele has an epic voice, and a killer pen game to match. But unfortunately like many great acts of the past and present, she suffered a bit of a sound mishap—and it was during her performance at last night’s Grammys (Feb. 15).

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Her set was swarmed with a slew of audio issues; starting with her microphone cutting out almost in its entirety, which caused her to be inaudible. After that, she was finally brought to normal volume, but then was toppled for a few seconds by feedback and fuzziness.

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And to top it all off, an offstage guitar sound played over the piano and vocal sounds, which complicated things further; leaving her voice lost in the shuffle. In a nutshell, it seems like those in charge of the sound system completely screwed things up.

Yet like a true winner, Adele didn’t let this incident get to her. After everything was said and done, the British songstress took to Twitter to clarify things up, and explained that the piano mics fell onto the piano strings, which caused the guitar sound.

Still, despite all the mishaps, she was (and is) great! You can relive the performance here.