Adele Says Her Grammy Awards Performance Brought Her To Tears On ‘Ellen’


Adele’s performance at the 58th Annual Grammy Awards on Monday night (Feb. 15), continued to showcase her powerhouse live vocals. But due to a technical difficulty with a mic resting on the piano chords, the 25 singer was mildly thrown off by the audio mishap.

She clarified what happened on Twitter following the ceremony, and dived deeper into her feelings on Ellen as well.

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“I heard it straight away,” she said when the mic fell. “I knew what it was because in rehearsal that Saturday they said we’re going to double mic the piano just in case one of them doesn’t work. I knew where the mic was and I wanted to turn around and lift it up but I froze.”

The “Rolling In The Deep” vocalist also shared how she felt emotionally about the occurrence. “I cried pretty much all day yesterday,” she revealed. “In fairness I would’ve cried if it went really well as well. If it would’ve been a standout performance I would’ve cried as well.”

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Watch her full interview below plus her performance of  “All I Ask” and “When We Were Young.