Sneaker Heads Unite: The First Air Jordan Coloring Book Has Arrived


For 30 years, Js have reigned supreme among sneaker heads, and while the highly-sought after sneaker doesn’t appear to be easing up its cultural popularity grip, now for a smooth $17, fans of the brand can own every pair ever made in the first ever Air-Jordan coloring book.

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The activity book is designed for sneaker heads the world over. Whether you’re 6-years-old, 16-years-old or 36-years-old, you too can color or redesign your favorite pair of Js.

The coloring book, which allows you to colors Js 1 to 23, can be used with using crayon, marker, water colors  or color pencils. The book also comes with digitally drawn representations of the shoe as well as well as two identical drawings of each for your to flex your creative skills.

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Hey, having a bad day? Whip out the Jordan coloring book. Could be fun.