Amber Rose Had To Break Down The Meaning Of Consensual Sex To Tyrese And Rev Run


During her recent appearance on Tyrese and Rev Run’s new talk show It’s Not You, It’s Men, Amber Rose was not here for the hosts views on consent. Challenging the singer and rap legend on their thoughts about slut-shaming and “no means no,” the three engaged in a discussion that transformed into an nearly-heated debate.

Tyrese offered his opinion on women sending out a certain “energy” that leads to them being sexually harassed. “The comfortability that some people find in wanting to touch or grope you, it’s an energy that’s being sent out there that creates that type of response,” he said.

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Only Amber Rose was not having it. Taking her stance to the extreme to prove her point, the model/writer/entrepreneur noted that even when a woman is nearly involved in the act, she still has the right to decline sex.

“If I’m laying down with a man, butt-naked, and his condom is on, and I say, ‘You know what? No. I don’t want to do this. I changed my mind,’ that means no. That means f**king no. That’s it. It doesn’t matter how far I take it or what I have on,” she continues. When I say no, it means no.”

Rev Run interjected by reciting a quote, “Dress how you want to be addressed,” stating that the notion has “validity “ to it. And Amber wasn’t here for that either.

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“That’s not realistic, stop it. If I want to wear a short skirt or a tank top, and I’m at the club and I’m having fun with my friends and I feel sexy, I’m not DTF,” she says. “I didn’t come here to have sex. I didn’t come here to hook up with nobody. I came out here with my girls and I just feel pretty. I’m not ‘asking for’ nothing.”

Amber ended the discussion on an understanding note, acknowledging that social constructs have contributed to the co-host’s viewpoints. Watch Tyrese, Rev Run and Amber Rose have it out about the consent debate in the video below. The full episode airs on OWN on Saturday Feb. 20.