Here’s A Mixtape Of Songs That Kanye West Sampled On ‘The Life of Pablo’


Other than his bigger than life personality, influential rhymes and humongous ego, we know that Kanye is top notch prducer with an ear for samples. With The Life of Pablo still the talk of hip-hop, DJ Run P put together a mix of the songs that Mr. West sampled on his much talked about project, TLOP.

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“Kanye’s one of the most if not the most passionate human beings I’ve heard about in my lifetime, and you can hear it in The Life of Pablo, DJ Run said to via email. “The difference between his music and others is that his evokes emotion single time you listen. This album is no different. It is an album that will take you a place leaving you motivated for the rest of 2016 and then some.”

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The Life of Pablo Samples include songs by Nelly (“E.I.” and “Country Grammar”) Whodini (“Friends”), Ghostface Killah (“Mighty Healthy”), Nina Simone (“Do What You Gotta Do”), among many others.

Stream The Life Of Pablo Samples below.