The New Black Panthers: A$AP Twelvyy, A$AP Nast & A$AP Rocky “Lords Never Worry”


Yesterday (Feb. 17) was founder of the Black Panther Party, Huey P.Newton’s, birthday, so it brings a smile to our facess to hear A$AP Twelvyy, Nast and Lord Pretty Flacko to call themselves the new Black Panthers. Obviously, they haven’t tapped into the political sector yet, but these young guys are surely studying the great black leaders who came before them. And it can be heard in their new song, “Lords Never Worry” from their #WavyWednesday series.

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Regardless of how people feel about the Mob claiming to be the new Black Panthers — the track knocks. Over a gritty backdrop, Nast, Rocky and Twelvyy keep their bars dark and murky like Harlem’s 145th and Broadway block at night fall.

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Just don’t go spazzing on the Mob for identifying with the Panthers. The emcees are just acknowledging the group;s unapologetic swag and rebellious attitude, and their influence on Black culture. Hopefully, this’ll inspire a few rap fans to find out what the Panthers were all about.