B. Smyth Is Looking For A New Love In “Love Killa”


As a follow up to his recent single, “Creep,” B. Smyth is back with another smooth single, “Love Killa.”

The young singer slows things down a little, sensually singing over a hard-hitting bass. While its title may seem like this is a song about killing the love game and balancing multiple relationships, it actually follows a different tune, as the singer confronts a past girlfriend who’s been “running around” on him. “Became numb to the memories. All the misery was taking all my energy, literally killing me.”

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But despite the heartbreak, B. Smyth bounces back in search of a new woman. “Find me in the club getting faded, looking for a Nia Long/ Trying to get her home,” he sings.

The track is a little over three minutes, but just enough time to get lost in the bass and ride out to B. Smyth’s voice as he moves on to the next one. Listen to “Love Killa” below.

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