This Man is Highly Offended By Beyonce’s Hurricane Katrina Imagery In “Formation”


Beyonce’s “Formation” has caused a stir on social media, from proponents of her message lining up to praise the gutsy new black power anthem, to naysayers slamming her Black Panthers-inspired Super Bowl performance. Adding on to Queen Bey’s detractors is one man named Isayaah Parker, who took to Facebook with a response to the singer’s use of Hurricane Katrina imagery in the song’s visuals. Criticizing the use of the New Orleans police car sinking into the water, Parker accused Beyonce of releasing the single to boost Super Bowl ratings

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“We see Beyonce having a high-fashion couture shoot on top of a police car that’s supposedly drowning in the waters of Katrina,” he said. “Hurricane Katrina was not a high-fashion couture shoot, Beyonce! Hurricane Katrina was not a situation where a black woman could get up in her full face of makeup and gracefully drown on top of a goddamn police car! Hurricane Katrina happened some ten years ago, and now here you are, some ten years later – a decade later – and having the nerve to brush over that shit for profit.”

Parker also took aim at the masses, who gathered in throngs online to support “Formation” and quote standout lines that include quips about hot sauce and Red Lobster. As the restaurant chain saw a sales hike thanks to the popularity of the song, Parker sent his fury Beyonce’s way for not directing the attention to where it mattered most.

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“Guess what’s not trending? Hurricane Katrina, Flint water crisis, Boko Haram, those things are not trending,” he said. “Look at the bigger picture, people. Beyonce’s up there in a high fashion photoshoot, drowning in the waters. Do you think that the women in New Orleans had a full face of makeup and were gracefully descending into the damn water when Hurricane Katrina happened and the government was nowhere to be found to rescue them?”

It should be noted that Parker has not been a fan of Beyonce for quite some time. Watch his take on “Formation” below: