Beyonce’s ‘Formation’ Video Is All The Way Black And Woke


On the eve of her return to the Super Bowl stage, Beyonce pulled a Beyonce and surprisingly released a new video for her latest single “Formation,” talking all her bossy ish.

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Shot in New Orleans, Bey doesn’t skimp on the high-end glamour, fashion (or choreography) but if you’re paying attention, she also makes very loud statements with a few not so subliminal images in the video. From the sinking New Orleans police car, to the little boy wearing all black in a hoodie dancing in front of officers, to a man holding a newspaper with the face of Dr. King and headline that reads “More Than A Dreamer” and the most blatant of them all a “Stop Shooting Us” graffitied on a wall, Beyonce is making her petition known.

With her cutiepatootie daughter Blue also in the video, Beyonce’s “Formation” takes it to a whole ‘notha level. Check it out below.