Twitter Has Hilarious Interpretations Of Beyonce, Jay Z & Kendrick Lamar’s Courtside Experience


On Saturday night (Feb. 20), three very bright stars aligned at the Los Angeles Clippers game against the Golden State Warriors. Beyonce, Jay Z and Kendrick Lamar were spotted sitting courtside for the NBA faceoff at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. A magnet for photo ops, The Carters and K. Dot had shots snapped of them all night long, which obviously became great material for Twitter banter.

From what was behind each of their facial expressions to the reason for their linking up, social media users did what they do best and analyzed the photos in search of a good joke. While some suspect a monster collaboration on the horizon, others simply wondered if Beyonce and Kendrick had a discussion about their polarizing performances at the Super Bowl and Grammy Awards. DJ khaled was also on site for the game, and he (obviously) made it into a joke or two.

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As for the game itself, the Clippers fell short to the Warriors in a 112-115 loss as The Splash Brother Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson piled on a combined 55 points. The Clippers were operating without the help of Blake Griffin, while the Warriors snapped a potential losing streak after falling to the Portland Trail Blazers in a whopping 105-137 loss on Friday night (Feb. 19).

Take a look at a few funny guesses of what was on Beyonce, Jay Z and Kendrick Lamar’s minds last night below:

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