Bill Cosby Fights Back With Lawsuit Against Alleged Sexual Assault Victim


Bill Cosby has walked away free of charges in many of his defamation lawsuits, but now the former comedian is walking back into court, firing back with a lawsuit of his own. Cosby is confronting one of his alleged rape victims, Andrea Constand with a breach-of-contract lawsuit.

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Constand first came forward in 2004 with allegations of drugged, sexual abuse, which similarly mimicked many of the other allegations made against Cosby. According to Cosby, Constand disclosed confidential information, although both parties complied with an agreement formed in result of her 2005 civil case.

“Despite the strong and unambiguous provisions in the Confidential Settlement Agreement, defendants repeatedly disclosed information that they promised to keep secret,” Cosby’s team asserted in a redacted form of his complaint, according to Deadline.

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His legal team claims that as a result of Constand’s breach of information, Cosby has suffered serious and irreparable harm that cannot be cured by money damages and also has suffered substantial monetary damages, in an amount to be proven at trial. The claim also cites Constand’s mother, legal parties, and the American Media Inc. According to Cosby’s attorneys, the media company agreed to halt the publication and distribution of any allegation-related stories in 2006, but has since ignored that initial agreement to do so.

Information regarding this court date has not yet been revealed. After Cosby was arraigned and then released on a million-dollar bail in late December, he has made a number of appearances in court. Although his legal team has made efforts to get cases thrown out or postponed, it looks like Cosby will step into the court house once again early next month in regards to his felony, sexual assault charges.

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