Self-Education: 28 Days Of Documentaries To Celebrate Black History Month

Black history could never be covered in one month. From its troubled beginnings of oppression and trying periods of segregation that birthed the movements that inspired change, leading all the way up to those who ignited new waves of magic and empowerment, there is definitely a lot to cover. This Black History Month, we celebrate both the ups and down of the black experience, acknowledging triumphs like #BlackGirlMagic and pioneering causes like the Black Power Movement. And while a lot of these stories didn’t make it into textbooks, many found their way onto the small screens.

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To commemorate the twenty-eight days of black history (and all the days thereafter), VIBE has come up with a selection of documentaries that chronicle the brutal, lengthy, and victorious journeys of many influential leaders and agitators, as well as the un-sung heroes who made their mark in history. These powerful documentaries go well beyond the typical history lessons and celebrate all walks of life that helped shape a culture.

So grab some popcorn and set aside a good chunk of time to learn about other parts of black history you may or may not have known about.