Bobby Shmurda Plans To Advocate For Social Justice Upon His Release From Jail


In the latest update from Bobby Shmurda, the Brooklyn rapper reveals the conditions he is under since being transferred from New York City’s Rikers Island to the Westchester County Jail. Stating that he spend most of his days on 20-hour lockdown, Bobby also calls the facility “really strict.” He was moved after having several altercations at Rikers, and marked as a “high profile” inmate.

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“They kicked me off of Rikers Island for being high-profile. They saying that I was getting into too much stuff,” Bobby told REVOLT during his latest interview. “I wasn’t really getting into nothing; like two, three fights, and then they kicked me off the island. They got me up here in Westchester, it’s crazy. They lock us down like we’re animals all day. And this is not prison, this is jail. Prison is when you’re convicted for something; prison got more freedom than us.”

Bobby also claims that the authorities have flushed his “civil rights down the toilet for their political reasons, for their political gain.” Discussing what his plans are following his release, the rapper wants to add two things to his repertoire: acting and advocating for social justice. Noting that his own case is serving as the motivation for his new political goal, Bobby said he is taking the issue seriously.

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“When I get home, I ain’t even gonna lie, I’ve been thinking about getting into politics and everything because this thing gotta stop. I’m ready to get into social injustice and start protesting,” he said. “I’m about to really be getting in tune with stuff because it’s crazy what the system is doing and how it’s not even following their own laws.”

Listen to Bobby Shmurda’s latest interview below: