The Internet Thinks Bow Wow And Keyshia Cole Are Dating…


If you’ve spent any amount of time on the almighty Internet, you know that it is filled with part-time private investigators. Next up on the “who’s dating who” rumor mill is Bow Wow and Keyshia Cole, who many social media users are speculating to be an item. After a few Instagram posts – namely one photo where Bow Wow is receiving a “head rub – the masses have already begun to churn out couple names for the singer and rapper/actor.

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The online “evidence” includes the use of a few heart emojis by Bow Wow on Instagram. The “head rub” photo obscures the face of the woman lying down with the rapper, but many believe she bears Cole’s likeness:

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Catching wind of the rumors, Bow Wow denied the claims on Twitter. Advising his face not to “believe everything they read,” he dismisses inquiries about Cole’s social media accounts, which were deleted since talks of their alleged courtship began. Popular gossip site The Shade Room added fuel to the speculation fire, stating that “multiple sources” have confirmed that Cole and Bow Wow are indeed an item:

TSR intern: Chantel P.! @_popchanny on IG! & TSR STAFF: @kyle.anfernee Okay so are y’all ready for this one? We’re coming from left field with it so be prepared. —————————————— Remember we posted that photo of Shad Moss (Bow Wow) and his new “special lady?” The one he dropped on Twitter and captioned, “head rubs are the best” and left everyone guessing who this new special lady was giving him the bed rubs? —————————————— What if we told y’all we’ve confirmed from multiple sources and know who she was?! —————————————— A few of y’all guessed it right the first time — Ms. Keyshia Cole. Yes, chile! —————————————— So when the picture went up, comments and rumors started going crazy. We did some digging and–Read More At

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Is Bow Wow trying to keep things under wraps, or is the Internet trying too hard?