After An Attempt To Delay, Camille Cosby Will Take The Stand In Bill Cosby Case


Despite a last-minute motion to delay the hearing, Camille Cosby’s scheduled deposition in the case regarding Bill Cosby’s sexual assault allegations is underway. The case began earlier Monday (Feb. 22) at 10 AM after a federal judge denied the motion.

Cosby’s legal team pushed to removed her testimony, arguing that their client “had no involvement with the facts or allegations underlying this case,” People reports. They argued that her testimony would only create a “media circus” and serve as a “personal security threat.” Bill Cosby’s lawyer, Monique Pressley, expressed her concern for the security of the venue where the deposition would be held, saying the sea of reporters would “intimidate or emotionally aggravate” her.

Despite their pleas, U.S. District Judge, Mark Mastroianni, replied that many depositions had been held at that particular venue, and that there would be “adequate security in place” to appease her client’s concerns. Mastroianni ruled that the deposition would proceed as planned at the Marriott in Springfield, Massachusetts.

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Joe Cammarata, the lawyer who subpoenaed Camille, expressed his relief that the deposition was finally underway after many attempted delays. “We can move forward and vindicate our clients,” Cammarata said. While the list of questions asked of her under oath have not been revealed, Cammarata says that he “intends to get the important information to the case” involving Bill Cosby’s alleged sexual assault charges and her knowledge or involvement in his actions.

Camille does have the right not to answer questions, but Cammarata notes that her rights are limited and could result in a second deposition if a judge disagrees with any questions she decides not to answer.

In addition to his wife’s deposition, Bill Cosby is undergoing his own defamation trials, as well as filing a lawsuit against one of his accusers.