Chance The Rapper Discusses Fatherhood With Pharrell On Beats 1


Although he’s only 22, Chance The Rapper has admitted he’s found true love in his four-month-old daughter who was born late last year.

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“I’m so much more understanding of love,” he told Pharrell Williams at the latter’s OTHERtone radio show on Beats 1. “I didn’t know love until I had my daughter. I didn’t know its bounds. Not to be corny, but you can love somebody through anything when they’re your child. Now that I understand that, it makes me work better with people. It makes me more understanding of how much dedication and love I can put into each line. There’s no throw away lines.”

Williams chimed in to offer his own personal feelings on being a father; he has a seven-year old son named Rocket.

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“I’m gonna tell you, that is the best song that you will ever co-write in your life,” the producer/rapper shared. “When you think the melody can’t get any better, and you think the lyrical content can’t get any deeper and any sicker, the bars can’t be crazier, it happens all the time. God’s the board, and she’s writing the lyrics. And she just rewrites over and over as she gets older, it’s one of the most amazing things ever. How’s that feeling?”

“It’s crazy, because like you said she just grows,” Chance replied. “I’m inspired by her because she grows so fast. She’s four months old and like at four months she’s a genius already. She’s just super strong and super ready.”

Check out the teaser for the interview below.