Chief Keef Tells Crying Fan To Stay In School And ‘Do Better’


He may be still finding his way but we have been supporting Chief Keef since he came into the game some years back. We’ve become accustomed to listening to what rappers are saying before judging them based solely on their lyrical content.

With that being the case, Chief Keef is one of the most notorious under-30 rappers in the game. Why? Because he’s is a real example of what’s going on in Black communities not only in Chicago — but all over concrete warzones in the U.S. — and his words are powerful.

During a recent meet-and-greet at one of Chief Keef’s shows, the Chicago rapper encountered a crying fan, and Keef gave his supporter some words of encouragement.

“I only got the chance to be a rapper,” Chief Keef said. “This is what I can do, but you could do something way better.”

Much respect to Cheif Keef.