Chris Rock’s Daughters Sold $65,000 Worth Of Girl Scout Cookies At The Oscars


Chris Rock  is a working dad. The 51-year-old father of two worked round the clock while he crafted his 2016 Oscar opening monologue, which meant he missed out on some valuable time with his girls.

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“I’ve been out here [in LA] working for a couple of weeks and I’ve been away from my two daughters at a very important time in their life,” Rock said. “I have missed most of Girl Scout cookie season.”

To rectify the situation Rock used his star power and held a mini fundraiser during the Oscar ceremony to help his daughters beat Linda Dunn, owner of Odyssey Media and leader of their Englewood Cliffs, NJ, troop.

“It would mean so much to my little girls if we could beat Linda Dunn,” Rock said. “I want you to reach into your millionaire pockets and I want you to buy some of my daughters’ Girl Scout cookies.”

And from that moment, it was lit.

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Rock enlisted the help of some LA area scouts who came prepared with Thin Mints, Samoas and other Girl Scout cookies for the hungry guests. Everyone from John Legend to Kate Winslet all purchased cookies bringing Chris Rock’s daughters total to a smooth $65,243.

Ha! Beat that Linda.