Don Cheadle On “Kanye-ing” Taylor Swift On Grammy Night: “It’s A Tweet!”


Like many people, Don Cheadle believes that Kendrick Lamar’s sophomore album, To Pimp A Butterfly, was robbed of the Album of the Year honor at the 58th annual Grammy Awards. The winner of the award was Taylor Swift’s 1989, and the actor tweeted that he almost “Kanye’d” and jumped on stage to say that Kendrick deserved to win. However, after being snapped at the airport by TMZ yesterday (Feb. 16), he said that the action would have been “classless” and opted against it.

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But, as the photog said: “Talking about it on Twitter is fine,” to which the 51-year-old said, “Of course! It’s a tweet! It’s hardly the same thing!”

“I just think he had the album of the year, I think her album was fine too, but I’m not every voter that votes. You have to ask the voters that,” he explained while signing autographs for fans. He also said that he will not be attending the Oscars this year because he never goes.

Short and sweet and to the point, Don. Check out the video below.

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