Dr. Phil Attempts To Diagnose Kanye West On ‘The Late Late Show’


Kanye West’s recent outbursts have a lot of people talking. From his Twitter rants to a recent passionate speech about Taylor Swift and “fingers in the booty” allegations at 1 Oak, ‘Ye seems to have no problem letting his thoughts and opinions off of his chest.

On Tuesday night (Feb. 23), The Late Late Show’s James Corden received a visit from Dr. Phil McGraw who diagnosed the rapper’s antics as a product and “reflection of society,” and that his tirades are all for publicity.

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“You can’t be that wrong that many times in a row, unless you’re working at it…I mean, we’re talking about it aren’t we?” the television personality said to Corden.

“Everybody thinks you gotta have an audience for everything!” he continued. “We’re so narcissistic now, but everybody has to post everything, like nobody cares! You used to be stupid and get away with it.”

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Shad “Bow Wow” Moss was also a guest on the show and chimed in, offering a less harsh criticism of the The Life of Pablo artist.

“I think he’s just an artist who’s very, very passionate, like over-passionate, about what he does,” the 28-year-old insisted. “So I just think we’re dealing with an artist who is very passionate, who believes in what he does, but he might just go about it in a, you know, a different way.” Corden finally offered some key advice for Yeezy and his big ideas: go on ABC’s Shark Tank.

This wouldn’t be the first time Dr. Phil had some less-than-stellar remarks about West. In 2009, he went on Larry King Live! and said that his behavior at the VMA’s that year (in which he hijacked the stage during Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech) was “despicable” and that he was a “bully” that displayed signs of narcissistic personality disorder.

Will we ever fully understand Kanye? Who knows. Check out the video below.