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Dress Code: Profound Aesthetic's Statement Pieces Steer From The Everyday Basics Lane

The spotlight is on Profound Aesthetic Co. for 'Dress Code,' VIBE's fashion and style series test driving rising brands from an every day life point of view. 

'Dress Code' is VIBE's fashion and style series, where were we test drive rising brands from an every day life point of view. 


Designer: Faraz Zaidi

Happy Customers: Justin Bieber, Rihanna, The Weeknd, Young Thug, Post Malone, Chris Brown, Kehlani, PartyNextDoor, Halsey

Favorite Piece From Current Collection: Our sweatshirt basics collection is currently my go-to. I've really worn the olive french terry double layered pullover to death. (I'm actually wearing it right now).

On Profound's Humble Beginnings: The brand came about through conversations within family and friends. It was that moment when you realize you love something enough to want to go for it. For us, our interests were in fashion, art, communication and music, so bringing all of those worlds together through pieces of clothing was the mission. Being already obsessively in tune with the industry and trends, we took note of the fact that there wasn't another brand bringing together storytelling with well made product.

Pre-Fall Bomber.

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On The Design Process: There is very little organized planning and structure that goes into our design process. It's a very natural and fluid form of creation. We design on mood, feeling and energy, keeping tones mostly muted with darker tones, sometimes subtle pops of colors. Imagery and words also play a heavy role, too. Oftentimes, the weeks approaching a new seasonal collection we do a bit of idea-hunting. We usually put together full collections within one week, from start to finish and work triple shifts. It sounds like chaos but there's certainly a method to it that works. At the end, it all somehow aesthetically ties into place and becomes a cohesive collection.

Their Uniqueness In The Marketplace: We communicate stories. The driving force was to create a brand of value from an inherit passion and bring it to a world audience. It's all so much bigger than just clothing. The fact is, fashion is fickle and shifts entirely too fast for people to keep up with and digest. Things aren't given the time to marinate and set in. In order to combat that predisposed expectation of what most people have with brands, we stay entirely away from fast trends and align ourselves with unlikely collaborations. There's a strong element of unpredictability to what we do; it's both substance and functionality-based.

How The Designer Wears Profound: I keep things fairly simple. But I do enjoy layering, mostly with darker shades and earth tones. For the most part, I stay away from brighter colors. I also like texture with raw edges and loose hanging fits.



Ashley Monaé, Vixen Editor:
Street wear has been a part of my sartorial repertoire since day one. So, yes, it's safe to say that I'm a stickler for style, comfort, and functionality when it comes to my personal wardrobe: jeans, t-shirts, sneakers, crop tops, and sweatpants.

Profound's collections are streamlined and simple (who doesn't love premium quality basics), but when it comes to outerwear, their eye for design and detail shine bright like true statement pieces. In particular, the Satin Global Varsity Club Jacket In Maroon was my favorite from the current collection. Bomber jackets have made a resurgence in the two past years, and Profound gave their rendition more of an "it" factor with a satin body and lining, chenille embroidery, and embroidered patches. Plus, for the colder months, you can layer this with a hoodie or rock it solo and you're good to go.

Stacy-Ann Ellis, Assistant Editor:
If you were to request a synopsis of my sartorial upkeep, street wear would hardly fit the bill. The sneaker-head and trendy urban phase skipped right over me growing up, mostly due to me abiding by the plain jane options my parents preselected for me. Thankfully, time (and a greatly appreciated lifestyle glo' up) allowed me to carve out a space in the girly, artsy, earthy lane. However, at 25 years old, I'm still trying to figure out how to meld trendy accoutrements into my everyday steez. Luckily, Profound Aesthetic made it easy to dip my toes into street wear without making it look like I'm trying too hard.

I'm a thrift fanatic, so Profound's Sand-Blast Light-Wash Denim Jacket from the FW '15 collection was right up my alley. The material is sturdy and functional, but it has that updated old school look to it. The brand's stamps aren't too gaudy and the embroidered chest patches and eagle emblem on the back are subtle enhancements that don't take away from the simplicity of the piece. And, to my delight, it's the sort of neutral clothing item I could wear with anything, from dresses, jumpers, boots and heels to sweats, plain tees and my closet staple, Converses.



Want in on the goods, too? VIBE and Profound Co. are teaming up for a gift-bundle giveaway totaling more than $300 (U.S. residents only folks, sorry). Find out how you can kick off your NYFW with new duds by heading here. The contest kicks off today, and ends at 11:59 p.m. on Feb. 8.

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Mo'Nique Shines In Donald Glover's Short Films For His Adidas Collection

No matter where she is, Mo'Nique will always shine. The comedian was a pleasant surprise in Donald Glover's series of short films released Thursday (April 18) in tandem with his collection with Adidas.

The films, titled Timber, 1985, Avocado, Polenta and Dusty feature both actors with underlying themes related to Glover's reimagined designs on the Nizza, the Continental 80 and  Lacombe. Throughout the films, Mo'Nique teases Glover with digs at his celebrity, calling him "a little booty baby,"  and comparing his forehead to a stop sign.

Mo'Nique shoed love to Glover and hinted towards another collabo they might have in the future.

The comedian and regal films are a perfect juxtaposition to Glover's approach on his collection."Rich is a concept,” Glover said in a press release about the collection. “With this project, I wanted to encourage people to think about how their stories can be told on their feet. Value isn’t quantified by what you wear, rather the experiences from them. And you make the decision on what works for you, you live through your own lens. The partnership for me is about being able to exemplify what doing your own thing truly looks and feels like."

The shoes carry a deconstructed style like uneven stitching, inside-out golden eyestays and handpainted three stripe design. The Lacombe will run for $90, the Nizza for $80 and the Continental 80 for $100.

Glover recently teased the shoes during his time at Coachella, air dropping fans at random images of the shoes for them to pick up at the brand's installation.

Check them out below and enjoy the short films above.


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Jennifer Lopez To Receive CFDA's Fashion Icon Award

Jennifer Lopez is reportedly poised to receive the Fashion Icon Award at the upcoming 2019 CFDA Awards.

J.Lo will join an elite group of fashion influencers, including Rihanna,  Beyoncé, Naomi Campbell, and Pharrell Williams.

"At the board meeting [in March], it’s always the most discussed and debated award each year," CFDA’s president and CEO Steven Kolb told The Hollywood Reporter. “There are so many worthy candidates, and everyone has really strong opinions, because style is objective, in terms of what people like and what looks good. But Jennifer has always been a steady presence in fashion and continues to be bold and make statements, and she’s someone who’s always noticed and talked about, and that makes her a perfect choice."

Lopez has been an unrivaled force on the red carpet. The green Versace dress that she wore to the 42nd Grammy Awards in 2000 is still a fashion moment people bring up in conversation.

Red carpets aside though, Kolb suggested that Lopez was bound to be a fashion icon because of her "true love" for style. "When you look at fashion and style and the way celebrities dress, even when they embrace it they can sometimes look like they’re holding it at arm’s length,” Kolb added. "They embrace it for reasons of being photographed or noticed, but you wonder if they really love it. But you can tell that Jennifer really loves it. She would be a style icon even if she weren’t on the red carpet. There’s a true love there that comes across in her style, and you can tell she thinks it’s fun."

The 2019 CFDA Awards will be held at the Brooklyn Museum on June 3.

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The North Face

Ella Mai On The North Face's 'Explore Mode' Campaign, New Music And Living In The Moment

Ella Mai is in her own age of exploration. Her eponymous debut album scored her a platinum plaque with her breakout hit, "Boo'd Up" earning her a Grammy for Best R&B Song. But the accolades aren't driving her creative path. The arc in her compass is all about the places she's traveled, the people she's met and the lessons learned along the way.

"To be honest, personally, exploration is like growth. I feel like if you don't explore new things, whether it's going outside, meeting people or trying new food, you won't ever grow because you're just stuck in your little comfort zone which can be super scary to come out of," she tells VIBE at The North Face's Explore Mode event in New York on Monday (April 15). The singer is one of three women (including model-activist Gabrielle Richardson and chef Angela Dimayuga) who teamed up with the brand to share a message of enjoying the outside world without digital confinement and the global initiative to make Earth Day a national holiday.

The London native's urge to explore came in handy over the weekend when she performed in the brisk desert of Coachella. Inspired by artists like Rihanna and Ms. Lauryn Hill, Mai helped fans enjoy the hazy sunset as she performed hits like "Trip" and her latest No. 1 song, "Shot Clock."

"It's such a good feeling, especially when it comes to radio," she shared about her track reaching No. 1 on the airplay chart. "I wasn't even sure if people listened to the radio because people have so much access to streaming platforms, but obviously having all three of my singles from my debut album, go number one on urban radio is incredible."

That energy was brought to the Coachella stage with the festival being her biggest artistic exploration so far.

"My favorite part of the performance would have to be when I performed "Naked" and because it was dark, and I performed when the sun went down, I couldn't see how far the crowd actually went back. But during "Naked," it was such an intimate moment I asked everyone to put their lights up (phones) and when I saw how far it went back I was like, "Woah." That moment sealed it for me."

"Even there were two people in the audience, I still would've done my best," she added. "But just to see the crowd be so engaged, even if they didn't know the music, was a really good feeling. I had so much fun."

As the festival energy in Indio, Calif. continued to thrive, another rested on the streets of Los Angeles following the loss of Nipsey Hussle. With the singer having ties to those close to the rapper like DJ Mustard, she says the shift in the city was hard to ignore.

"As weird as it sounds, you felt it," she said. "Even in the weather, it was super hot and then everyone got the news and it started raining. Just a weird energy shift." As a new L.A. resident, the singer says Nipsey's influence cannot be denied.

"I feel like the energy shift went both ways; everyone was really sad, grieving and mourning but everyone feels more inspired by what he was doing that they want to go out and do something and change in their community. It's still a very touchy subject in L.A., especially the people that I'm around since they were very close to him. I think everyone is super inspired to do better and try to be more like him, which is great to see. YG's whole set at Coachella was dedicated to him, I know Khalid had a dedication to Mac Miller. Everyone is super aware of what Nipsey was trying to do and how he wanted to change the world."

Engaging in The North Face's mission to explore seemed to be in the cards for Mai. Like many of us, Mai was familiar with the brand's effective coolness factor. "I remember running home and telling my mom that I needed a Jester Backpack because my cousin had one as well, and it's similar to the other stories, I wanted to be like my older cousin (laughs) so my mom ended up getting me one." But there's also the incentive to showcase the importance of stepping away from the phone screens and into leafy green forests.

"I'm such a live-in-the-moment person," she says of her lack of identity on social media. While she might share a thought or two on social media, Mai is interested in appreciating the world around her. "I feel like everyone is so consumed about documenting the day, you don't really get to live the day. You just watch it back but I like to have the memories in my head. Of course, sometimes, I'll take out my phone but I try to live in the moment as much as possible."

Part of that mission is ensuring Earth Day is celebrated the right way. With the support of Mai, Richardson, and Dimayuga, The North Face officially launched a petition to make Earth Day a national holiday.

“The North Face is no stranger to exploration and this Earth Day we are proud to join our partners and fellow explorers in a global effort to make Earth Day a national holiday,” said Global General Manager of Lifestyle at The North Face, Tim Bantle. “We believe that when people take time to appreciate the Earth, they feel more connected to it and are more likely to protect it. Explore Mode urges us to unplug from our digital lives to connect in real life to the world, each other, and ourselves in the effort to move the world forward.”

Mai hasn't hit her all of her exploration goals just yet. "I really want to go to Indonesia or Bali," she said. "That's one of my Bucket List places I really, really, really wanna go." For her essentials, the singer knows she has to bring along a windbreaker set and of course, a jester backpack. "I think the backpack is the most important thing."

In addition to a few trips around the globe, one destination includes the studio for new music. While she hasn't had time to lock down a moment to record, the inspiration is sizzling.

"When I work in the studio, I like to be like there for a good amount of time," she explains. "I like to block off two to three weeks at a time, I don't like to go to different studios and different places, it's just a comfort thing but I'm very excited to get back cause I have a lot of talk about. I've seen so many different places and met so many new people and a lot that I didn't get to experience last year."

Learn more about The North Face's petition for Earth Day here.

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