Government Officials Green-Light $30 Million Plan To Aid Flint Residents’ Water Bills


Flint, Michigan residents are receiving aid to alleviate the water crisis strain. The state gave the green light to a bill that’ll allocate $30 million to assist with residents’ water bills, Reuters reports.

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The funds will help Flint’s residents with “credits to cover their water bills” until the liquid is back to being clean, The Root states. Their water supply became contaminated with lead in April 2014, with the dire health effects beginning to show prominence shortly thereafter. Reports state that children began to develop bodily defects from the lead poisoning.

Since then, organizations have jumped to provide drinking water for residents, and major figures have also donated money and water bottles to remedy the matter. Detroit native Big Sean placed his efforts in sustaining medical facilities for young children suffering from lead poisoning, while Diddy’s AQUAHydrate also donated 5,000 cases of its supply.

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In response to the water emergency, President Barack Obama also portioned $80 million in federal funding to help combat the crisis. On the subject of the many children affected by the toxic substance, Obama said, “Our children should not have to be worried about the water that they’re drinking in American cities, that’s not something that we can accept.”