A U.S. Navy Vet Launches A Go Fund Me Page To Attend Beyonce’s ‘Formation’ World Tour

When Beyonce announced she’ll be headed out on her Formation world tour, most stans checked their wallet to see if they could purchase tickets to see Queen Bey perform live. U.S. Navy veteran Rover Bentley on the other hand swiftly launched a Go Fund Me page in hopes he’d be able to raise the money needed to attend Beyonce’s May 1st show.

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I am a United States Navy Veteran. On February 7, 2016 #Beyonce shocked the world with a surprise tour!
I am a SUPERFAN, I have “stood the watch” so that we as a country could have the freedoms of doing and going places here in the US. I am only asking for small donations. I would like to attend Beyonce concert in Atlanta, GA on May 1, 2016… Please make this dream come true. I wrote a check for my life, so Im asking that you help my conquire another life goal.

In the past 20 hours, the self-proclaimed “superfan” only raised $65. The few people that donated to Bentley’s cause thanked him for his service to the country, while others dragged him for his audacious request, and accused him of using his military service as a way to guilt trip people into donating.

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User Shawdra Shawnie suggested Bentley use his tax refund to purchase a ticket, while TashiKali Makeda Acket simply stated “n—a no.”

Realizing his efforts weren’t being warmly received, Bentley took to Facebook to announce he isn’t strapped for cash and in fact, the entire Go Fund Me page was a joke.

#GoFundMe shenanigans.... Posted by Rover Bentley on Monday, February 8, 2016

A joke you say. Okay, Mr. Bentley.