Game Changers: 11 Afro-Latino Athletes Who’ve Ruled The Playing Field


World-renowned sportsmen like baseball icon Roberto Clemente and soccer legend Pelé were not only star athletes, they were considered heroes in their homeland and nations around the world. Their pioneering careers left an everlasting impact on future athletes, inspiring the Alex Rodriguezes and Ron Riveras of our time.

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Cleveland Indians player “Minnie” Miñoso breaking the color line in sports gave others permission to do the same. With New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony at a basketball forefront and viral sensation Sophina DeJesus inspiring a new generation of athletes, sports wunderkinds of color from all walks of life will continue to level the playing field in arenas that span the spectrum.

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In honor of #BlackHistoryMonth, we acknowledge these Afro-Latinos – some legendary, others on the come up – who will undoubtedly influence and continue to influence the world of sports.