If Romeo & Juliet Were From Spanish Harlem


As Lin-Manuel Miranda rakes in accolades for Broadway hip-hop musical Hamilton, Más Mejor & Room 28 come together to bring us an unusual, yet equally hilarious rendition of the classic Romeo & Juliet play.

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The tragic love story of two young teens that erupts from the infamous feud between the Montagues and the Capulets is set in Spanish Harlem’s Tito Puente Park. The love-struck “Juliet” is played by Cynthia Cruz, an aspiring actress who brings her overwhelming dramatic skill-set which she learned at the best acting schools in the Bronx. Meanwhile, Miguel Torres aka “Romeo” channels his inner f**k boy and switches things up when he recruits a crew of Uptown gangstas to help defend his honor against his archenemy “Tybalt.”

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With first-time director Richardo “Choo Chee” Gomez heading the effort, the parody play is a guaranteed laugh. Watch how Romeo & Juliet goes down in Spanish Harlem: