Hug It Out: Kanye West Breaks Up A Fight Between Two Paparazzi


Kanye West’s storied relationship with the paparazzi has finally come full circle. On Friday (Feb. 19), while being bombarded by lights and flashing cameras, the rapper found the time to break up a fight between two paparazzi. In the crowd, one cameraman punched another in the face. The incident – which coincidentally took place at LAX, where he got into a scuffle with a paparazzo in 2013 – quickly fizzled out thanks to West. His quick solution to the madness? A hug.

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While tearing through the throngs of people, West grabbed one of the photographers for an embrace and advised him to “hug it out.” Though a kind gesture on its own, it is especially a 180-degree turn for West, whose run-in with paparazzi Danny Ramos earned him a misdemeanor battery charge, two years probation, and court-mandated anger management classes and community service. He later pleaded “no contest” to the charges and earned a “glowing report card” upon completion of the service, according to TMZ.

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After breaking up the fight, West signed autographs and answered inquiries about whether or not he and his wife Kim Kardashian will have a third child, and if he believes Mark Zuckerberg will shell out some money for his ideas. The big takeaway here? Kanye West can go ahead and add “giver of transformative hugs” to his laundry list of talents.

Watch him be a good samaritan in the video below:

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