Kanye West Shares Update On Forthcoming Album, Including Its Title

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Kanye West previously announced that he’s preparing to drop a second album this year in the summer season, and to get fans amped, he’s shared a major detail on the pending project.

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Early Saturday morning (Feb. 27), the “Real Friends” rapper unveiled the tentative title to the project, Turbo Grafx 16. The moniker was inspired by one of Ye’s “favorite gaming systems when I was a kid…” he tweeted.

He continued his trip down childhood memory lane and shared that his go-to game on that console, which was discontinued in the early 90s, was named Blazing Lazers. This news arrives weeks after West announced that he’s stepping into the gaming world, which he touched on lightly at Madison Square Garden.

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The fashion designer/artist also debuted a video game that he’s been working on which depicts his mother’s journey to Heaven. Titled “Only One: The Game,” the digital project has yet to receive a release date.

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