Kanye West Trolls Nike Following News Of Declining Shoe Sales


Kanye West’s twitter fingers are moving faster than ever. In the constant flow of updates on his new album The Life of Pablo on the social platform, he’s managed to mock Nike’s declining footwear sales.

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Shortly after checking out a Hypebeast report on the company’s 9.1 percent decrease in comparison to 2015’s sales, West posted the headline with a mild and moderate “…. awwwwww…”

While the company remains a giant among competitors such as Reebok and Adidas, Nike’s basketball shoe category also dipped to 13.7 percent. The rapper’s love/hate relationship with Nike has continued after the company parted ways in 2013. West has flourished with his shoes via Adidas and has even promised lower price points for his collection.

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Call it karma or just chance. Either way, Kanye seems to enjoy it all.