Does Kanye West Have An On-Wax Response To Wendy Williams Up His Sleeve?


After having it out with Wiz Khalifa in their now-squashed Twitter beef last week, Kanye West has reportedly found another target. This time, the rapper, who’s seventh studio album will debut on Feb. 11, may have a response for Wendy Williams after she repeatedly questioned his sexuality. According to Daily Mail, West is eyeing his warpath with a remake of Aerosmith’s 1994 hit “(Dude) Looks Like a Lady,” and altered the lyrics to blast the outspoken talk show host.

“You obsessed with me/ Keep testing me/ You may be wearing dresses, but you a man like me/ Got bigger hands than me/ Let me see, your birther please/ A dude in a wig that really wanna be me,” West allegedly rhymed.

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Sources close to Yeezy said that the viciousness of the track, which was recorded at a Los Angeles studio last week, is reminiscent of a classic diss cut released nearly 15 years ago.

“Kanye played the record for some of the artists he has been collaborating with in the studio and everyone was going crazy. It was really on the level of Nas’ ‘Ether’ diss record to Jay-Z.”

So why haven’t we heard the allegedly epic record? According to sources, Kim Kardashian was afraid that the song would offend the transgender community, specifically her stepfather, Caitlyn Jenner, and requested it remain unreleased.

“Kim was concerned that Caitlyn [Jenner] would be offended by the record. It would appear as though Kanye was in some way attacking that movement instead of just targeting Wendy. She didn’t want Kanye to be labelled transphobic.”

Hopefully, the never-to-be-heard track is just a preview of what’s to come on Yeezy’s newest project.