The Internet Can’t Figure Out Which One Of These Three Women Is The Mother


If you thought the old adage “black don’t crack” was just a saying, or simply an expression, allow us to present to you Kaylan MaHomes, her twin sister and mother.

On January 28, Kaylan posted a car selfie of her family and soon after the photo went viral with about 19,000 retweets and 30,000 likes. The Internet simply couldn’t figure out of the three women in the photo, which one was the mom.

The ladies continued to have fun with the Internet when they posted this video.

When your mom thinks it’s a #whosthemom ?

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Believing they were taking a picture, the trio then burst into laughter once they learned it was actually a video. But the question still remains, which one of these women is the mother? Sound off in the comments.