Premiere: Kyle Dion Delivers Paint Splattered Video For “In Your Feelings”

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One thing is for sure: Kyle Dion is definitely onto to something in his latest video for “In Your Feelings.” The track, paired with a series of colorful visuals, delivers an accurate depiction of an intense and passionate relationship.

The video for the single, which is coming from his Painting Sounds EP that was released back in January, illustrates the final moments of a turbulent and destructive relationship. And to show just how complicated or confusing this relationship is, the artist dangles upside down from a tree as he bounces in and out of reality.

The artist repeats the line, “you’re so in your feelings,” as his lady interest angrily chases him around the California wilderness with a chainsaw and ultimately stabs him, spraying out green paint. “There are different layers of meaning regarding the hanging scene, but the one closest to the surface, is the girl hung me there not to kill me, but to humiliate and punish me,” Kyle Dion said in a statement.

We’re guessing another motive for his girlfriend hanging him was just pure rage. Check Kyle Dion’s colorful and explosive video for “In Your Feelings” below.