Every Fist Pump-Worthy Moment Of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Grammys Acceptance Speech


Broadway’s resident rap genius, Lin-Manuel Miranda, made Latinos everywhere proud when he and his Hamilton crew made their TV debut, live at the 2016 Grammys, and then proceeded to take home the Gramophone Award for Best Musical Theater Album. No speech was as awe-inspiring as the one Miranda rapped on stage while standing tall beside fellow cast members. Practically every second of it made us want to fist-pump with orgullo, like…

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When the WHOLE crew just bum-rushed the stage like “Mama, we made it!”

Then Lin started to rap his acceptance speech and named dropped hip-hop’s most prolific rapper today, Kendrick Lamar, and theater’s most prolific composer in history, Jeanine Tesori…

After which homage was extended to three late rap giants: Big Pun, The Notorious B.I.G. and 2Pac…

But not without the playwright and main star of Hamilton thanking his team for all their invaluable efforts and superstardom…

Before we knew it, his wife and kid, Vanessa and Sebastian, got all the glory…

In the end, cast member Anthony Ramos whipped out the Puerto Rican flag and Latinos everywhere broke out in mayhem.

Read all the lyrics to Miranda’s speech below, courtesy of Mic.com. Peep the recording, live and in living color, after the jump.

We write music, we write lyrics to tell a story.
Whether you’re King Kendrick or Jeanine Tesori.
I’m sorry if I start screaming these things hysterically:
John Buzzetti, Tim Latham, Tom Coyne and Derek Lee.
Tommy Kail set the stage to kick our boots through.
Bill Sherman, Quest and Tariq, the whole Roots crew.
Sean at Warner Chapel, Riggs and Craig at Atlantic.
Lacamoire my right-hand man. This frantic Hispanic is non-stop.
The best idea goes in the pot.
Whether you’re Harnick and Bock, Pun, Biggie or ‘Pac
The cast unstoppable, band is unbeatable.
Inimitable, inevitable, always inspiring me to pull through
Vanessa, Ange, Ellie, we adore you.
Sebastian, daddy’s bringing home a Grammy for you!

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