Martin Shkreli Addresses Ghostface Killah: “I’d F**ing Smack Him in the Face”


Martin Shkreli is at it again. The man who became infamous after he hiked the price of an HIV drug to $750, promised to bail Bobby Shmurda out of jail, and bought the Wu-Tang clan album for $2 million, is once more addressing his feud with Ghostface Killah.

In an interview with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club on Wednesday (Feb. 3), Shkreli spoke on his beef with the New York rapper. “If he was here right now, I’d f*8ing smack him in the face,” he said, before adding, “I’m from the streets.”

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Shkreli’s new interview is just the latest in he and Ghostface Killah’s ongoing battle. Last month, TMZ caught the legendary rapper out and asked him about Shkreli’s September 2015 price spike of Daraprim from $13.50 to $750.

“I don’t even know him, but I know what he did with the AIDS [drug] like that, that’s not right, that’s not right,” Ghostface said.

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Shortly after, Shkreli released a response video and promised to “to erase him from the history books of rap” if Killah didn’t keep Shkreli’s name out of his mouth.

“Don’t ever f*cking mention my name again or it’ll be…there will be…more…more of a price to pay than just this video. I’m out.”

Though Ghostface Killah has yet to respond to Shkreli’s newest threats, something tells us he’s probably not worried.