Man Accuses Mayor Of Sleeping With His Wife At New York Town Hall, Chaos Ensues


A Tuesday night (Feb. 24) New York town hall meeting held by the mayor of Spring Valley, a resident accused the mayor himself, Demeza Delhomme, of sleeping with his wife, the New York Daily News reports. Standing up in front of the crowd, 48-year-old maintenance worker Reginald Alfred said Delhomme abused his power.

“Mr. Delhomme is trying to use his power to get into my house,” Alfred said. “He destroyed my house. He destroyed my family. I have two daughters.”

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Alfred also alleged that Delhomme has used his position to have him arrested, and to have an order of protection filed against him by his wife. He expressed that he was fearful for the safety of his two daughters, and noted that this incident will not sit well among voters. After Alfred’s speech, Delhomme claimed that he never met Alfred in his life. Trustee Vilair Fonvil did not let the mayor off easy, however.

“You’re screwing his wife and you said you don’t know him?” Fonvil said.

An unnamed attendee of the town hall also expressed discontent with the allegations against Delhomme. “You are an elected official, you’re the mayor, you’re supposed to be a counselor, to take care of families, not destroy families,” he said. “That’s what I have to say. Shame on you.” The situation was later defused by another trustee, who advised Alfred that the meeting was not the “proper channel” for his grievances.

Watch the insane town hall meeting take place below:

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