MD Uno Wants To “Slow It Down” One Time


Though he was born in New York, MD Uno happens to carry the flag of Atlanta.

On his new single “Slow It Down” with Champ, the song happens to wed both flavors from the North and South, taking in small chops of Youngbloodz & Big Boi’s classic “85” slow jam, DJ Khaled’s “Hold You Down” and MD Uno’s brash mix of cocksure swagger and genuine appreciation for his lady.

Champ’s chorus glides up and down the light-hearted guitar strings as MD Uno raps about doing his best to get off of work to beat traffic and get to his lady. On again, off again, MD Uno battles the uneasiness yet romanticism of getting a relationship right the second time around.

Stream “Slow It Down” from MD Uno below.