Michael B. Jordan To Star In “Thomas Crown Affair” Remake


Michael B. Jordan obviously has bills that need to be paid because the 29 year old actor always has a new film lined up. It’s been reported the Creed star has just signed on for the MGM remake of the Thomas Crown Affair.

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The original 1968 film stars Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway. McQueen plays a billionaire businessman who out boredom steals valuable jewels and paintings. Dunaway is the savvy investigator who puts two-and-two together and figures out it’s Dunaway who’s behind the crime spree. The cat and mouse game begins with McQueen and Dunaway falling in love.

MGM studios took a second stab at the classic film in 1999 with 007 star Pierce Brosnan as the businessman/jewel thief and Rene Russo as the detective who falls for the suave sticky fingers. Although the film is in its nascent stages, officials at MGM were pleased with Jordan’s success in Creed and hope to capitalize off his star power.

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Super proud of Mr. Jordan.