Miguel Returns To Old Middle School To Host Surprise-Performance At Talent Show


Miguel stepped outside of his Wildheart Motel installation to revisit an establishment from his past. The R&B singer performed at his former Dana Middle School’s talent show late last week.

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The “Waves” crooner took to his Instagram account to share the joyous and reminiscent occasion, writing, “I always loved the smell of the auditorium and it was exactly how I remember it. Huge shout to all the students, parents, family friends and staff. Loved every moment.”

The kids were more than excited to see Miguel grace the stage, where he performed his Grammy-Award winning song, “Adorn.”

Miguel has been on a performance run since he hit center stage at the 58th Annual Grammy Awards Feb. 15 where he performed a rendition of Michael Jackson’s melody, “She’s Out of My Life” in tribute to the late King of Pop.

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