Another One: Milwaukee Sheriff Voices His Displeasure With Beyonce’s Super Bowl Performance


Although many people love Beyonce’s latest anthem “Formation” and her subsequent performance of the song at Super Bowl 50, there are also tons of people who were not about it at all. Protestors in New York are planning to hold an anti-Beyonce rally in front of NFL headquarters because of her “slap in the face” to the cops as well as her nod to the Black Panther party during the halftime show. Former NYC Mayor Rudy Guiliani also called Bey’s performance an “attack” on those who aim to serve and protect.

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It seems as though they are not the only ones who are displeased with Her Royal Fierceness.

When Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke was asked by Fox Business Live’s Jo Ling Kent about his thoughts on the performance, he said that “she could have done a better job” and said that the Black Panthers are a “subversive hate group.”

“Them coming out, Beyonce, in those Black Panther type uniforms, would that be acceptable if a white band came out in hoods and white sheets in the same sort of fashion? We would be appalled and outraged,” he said.

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Beyonce is not letting the haters get to her. She told ET in an interview that she “wanted people to feel proud and have love for themselves.”

Watch Sheriff Clarke’s statement below.