Morgan Freeman’s Voice Will Be Used For GPS Navigation Because Dreams Really Do Come True


We’re not sure if it’s the pitch, the cadence or the tone, but Morgan Freeman’s voice is the perfect combination of soothing and commanding. For a while now, the Internet has wanted the Academy Award winner to narrate our day-to-day routines but knew that would be too much to ask for, so we settled on GPS navigation knowing that in the back of our minds, it would be a distant dream never to truly come true.

Until today.

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It’s just been announced that the Shawshank Redemption actor is teaming up with Google’s free navigation app Waze, which means now Freeman can direct us to the nearest Starbucks, or Hookah Bar or how to get home in the morning from that thing that went past third base with that musician guy.

Now, Freeman isn’t just lending his voice to Google. He will receive a nice check for it, but this is all promotion for his forthcoming film London Has Fallen (the sequel to Olympus Has Fallen) For the app, Freeman plays the Vice President and speaks to you, the driver as if you’re the president. Kind of cool, right?

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Either way, we’re so here for Freeman helping to direct our steps, even if it’s just to the new Thai place on 8th.