Got A Leap Day Birthday? Let Pizza Hut Show You Some Love


As February 2016 comes to a close, Pizza Hut is giving back to a special group of pizza lovers.

On Monday, February 29, the first national pizza restaurant company known to remove artificial flavors and colors from its core pizzas, has found it in their hearts to treat those with a Leap Day birthday. Anyone who visits a participating Pizza Hut restaurant on that day and shows a government-issued photo ID to prove they were born on Leap Day will receive a free, one-topping Personal Pan Pizza for carryout.

To add to the celebration, Pizza Hut will be heading to the “Leap Year Capital of the World,” Anthony, Texas, for the annual birthday party parade. There, anyone who participates in the day’s festivities will score a free cheese or pepperoni Personal Pan Pizza from their mobile kitchen.

“Pizza Hut has been the site of many, many birthday parties through the years, and since Leaplings only get to celebrate their true birthdays every four years, we wanted to make their day special and help them honor their birthdays in a big way,” said Doug Terfehr, senior director of public relations, Pizza Hut.

The leap year parade will begin at 10 a.m. Feb. 29 at Anthony High School, 825 Wildcat Drive and end at Anthony Municipal Park,100 Richard White, both in Anthony, Texas. To register to attend, call (915) 543-0554. Information is also available on

Interesting Fact: Nearly 200, 000 Americans celebrate their birthday every four years. It looks like Leap Year is going to be a great one.

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