President Obama Talks Equality, Daughters, And Sends A Valentine’s Message To First Lady On ‘Ellen’


Only a short period before he steps down from the White House, President Barack Obama stepped on set of The Ellen Degeneres Show to share a couple of laughs and talk about the 2016 campaign, equality, and his own ups and downs as the Head of State. His visit was one of many stops he made in his efforts to fundraise for Democrats.

In true Ellen fashion, the funny woman mixed a little humor with business, when she asked the President about what he may have missed about campaigning and his various roles in Washington. “I don’t miss it,” he joked. He recalled the first decisions he made when he stepped into office during the recession of 2008 and the difficulties he faced with making decisions. While he made the point to say that the world is “generally going in the right direction,” he also addressed some issues that still need resolving.

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Ellen addressed the hot topic of equality within the African American and LGBT communities, thanking him for the work he’s already done and the next steps. “My whole political career has been based on the idea that we constantly want to include people and not exclude them,” he said. “How do we bring more people into opportunity and success and feeling hopeful about their lives?” he asked, before commending Ellen for her own efforts that influenced change in others’ “hearts and minds.”

But the visit wasn’t all seriousness and politics. President Obama also discussed his favorite topic: his family. He talked about his love and fears for his daughters, particularly Malia Obama, who is going off to Harvard in the summer. He also revealed turning down the offer to speak at her high school graduation because he would be “sitting there with dark glasses, sobbing.”

And with Valentine’s Day only a few days away, the President’s final remarks were directed to the First Lady. Michelle Obama made a surprise video for Obama, reciting a short poem, to which Obama responded with a rehearsed monologue.

President Obama’s interview will air on Friday. Check out the Valentine’s Day message and other clips below.