The Internet Didn’t Like Red Lobster’s Response To Beyonce’s ‘Formation’ But They Loved Solange’s


That brief moment Saturday (February 6) when it seemed like all time stopped was simply the reaction of Beyonce’s newest single “Formation.” Bey in all her glory advised us to twirl on haters, dream, grind and work hard until our wants become obtained, and the importance of carrying hot sauce in our bags.

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What Queen Bey also did was send a special shout out to Red Lobster with the lyric “When he f–k me good I take his a– to Red Lobster.” The line, equal parts raunchy and riveting, thrusted Red Lobster and their sodium induced menu into the middle of the cultural zeitgeist, ensuring all the love birds will now book a reservation at Red Lobster this Valentine’s Day for the life giving cheddar bay biscuits.

To show their appreciation for the gracious plug, Red Lobster responded to Bey with this not-so clever tweet.

Effort was made, yes, but the Internet simply wasn’t impressed. Sensing their flub, Red Lobster than tweeted this.

However, it was little sis Solange who came through with the virtual alley oop diverting everyone’s attention back to where it belonged: Beyonce and her new video.

Good looks, Solo. Good looks.