Rihanna Reportedly Canceled Her Grammy Performance After A “Meltdown”


A flurry of reports have circulated that the reason why Rihanna did not perform at this year’s Grammys was because of a bad case of bronchitis, it seems like however, that wasn’t the only reason.

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Reportedly Rihanna bailed on her performance because she was upset with her rehearsal, according to TMZ. Sources connected to the award ceremony told the news site that apparently Rih was loudly expressing how unhappy she was, and was allegedly screaming hysterically.

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Interestingly enough, just two nights prior to the show she sang beautifully at a charity event hosted by Lionel Richie. Other sources say that her voice was in good shape during the Grammy rehearsal. Still, her team says she was sick, and was too upset to stick around for the Grammys.

Whether or not, Rih was really sick is up for debate. But one thing is for sure; she was definitely missed.